St. Mary’s Catholic School

A Tradition of Excellence for over 135 Years!

St. Mary’s approach to education is to nurture students’ intellectual and spiritual potential, inspiring them to want to learn. We teach them logic, reason, and critical thinking, showing them how to learn; and hold up examples of good citizenship and moral and virtuous behavior, demonstrating why they learn.

Our curriculum is enhanced by the study of curriculumLatin which helps students acquire the building blocks of English and develop a more extensive vocabulary and a better command of English grammar, which leads to more effective reading, writing, and speaking, as well as the ability to quickly pick up other languages.

Classes are naturally integrated so students see the relationships between what they are currently learning in math or Latin, for example, and its relevance to what they have already learned in science or history. This natural integration gives students a greater understanding of their subjects and helps them to permanently mentally assimilate everything they learn.

Our athletic programs provide opportunities for each participant to develop the physical, spiritual, and social needs of each athlete. The core of each sports program strives to guide the individual to function as a member of a team – working to achieve a common goal.

St. Mary’s offers an exceptional Preschool for two, three and four year old children. Classes are offered 3 or 5 days a week.  Children learn primarily through play; therefore, structured activities are coupled with free exploration at learning centers throughout the room.  Their daily programs include math, science, social studies, language arts, reading, writing, art, computer, Spanish, religion and enrichment classes such as music, physical education, and library.

Why Parents Choose St. Mary’s

ArnoldsSt. Mary’s has been a true blessing for our family. We have enjoyed watching our children thrive academically, spiritually, and personally.
Dr. Chris and Amy Arnold

“We have been a part of St. Mary’s school since 2014, and wouldn’t have it any other way. The curriculum that St. Mary’s offers is exactly what we are wanting for our children. One thing that really stands out to us is how invested the staff is in helping the students become the best version of themselves, not only academically but in their everyday lives as Salters(3)well. We look forward to what the future holds for our kids here at St. Mary’s. Go Angels!”
James and Lindsay Salter
Owner of Picasso Bistro Pizzeria

“Thank you so much for your efforts and cooperation in helping our dreams come true for our children. We are so happy about their future. I love SMS, the teachers and staff, and the kids love it more! I couldn’t imagine a better school and environment. We are dedicated to keeping our children there for KN-8th grade and building an establishment with St. Mary’s!”   – Chontel, St. Mary’s Parent

“You will be amazed at how much your child learns and grows, from an educational standpoint and also socially.  Your child will be loved and nurtured in a way he or she will flourish.”

“This is a wonderful, loving school.  There is a very sweet spirit with faculty and staff, students and parents.  We could not be happier.  My child has felt loved and special by all of her teachers.”

“I went to St. Mary’s as a child.  I thought we’d consider it because I want my boys to be raised Catholic as I was, but I had no idea how much the school had changed (it was fine when I went there but it blew me away when I came back!).  When we went to the open house it felt like coming home. All the children we met were so polite and seemed happy and comfortable. Of course the adults were too! But seeing all of the opportunities for the kids both in and out of the classroom, and seeing how happy and well-spoken they all were, sealed the deal for us.”

“St Mary’s felt like “home” to me. The same way I felt when I chose my college. I love the respect I saw in all the classrooms I visited.”

“Our child’s excitement about being there when we visited. Safety, security and the caring environment.”

“The staff, curriculum, class size, and being of the Catholic faith all contributed to our decision to enroll our son in St. Mary’s.”

“Prior to our daughter coming to SMS, she viewed learning more as a chore, not something to be enjoyed.  It has been a joy to watch her open up and drink in her learning.”

“I have three children currently attending St. Mary’s School.  My wife and I joined the Catholic church almost ten years ago and made a commitment to send our boys to private school to ensure that they would have the best educational environment during their developmental years.  Because our boys are very active on sports teams with children from other schools, I see how my boy’s strong sense of moral character has been a strong part of the education they have received at St. Mary’s.  We have seen evidence of this in the character development of our three children in their compassion, love, and respect for others.  Catholic education provides excellent academics, surrounded by a strong faith formation and steeped in unparalleled traditions.  It is important to me that St. Mary’s emerge as a leader in education instead of “Jackson’s best kept secret”.

Dr. John White: “St. Mary’s is blessed with young men and women of courtesy, kindness, and school spirit.  I am highly impressed with how they all seem to help each other out!  I’m proud to be a part of this great group!”

Rebecca: “I wanted to commend you and especially your 3K teacher on a very impressive open house this morning! She was more than willing to take her time and answer ALL of my questions! It brought back many fond memories walking the halls of St. Mary’s this morning. Thoughts and feelings of accomplishments, being pushed to do more than I thought I could, life-long friendships, and a deeply rooted faith that I still hold dear today. Thank you again for such a wonderful opportunity!”                                                   

Amy Jones: “We visited every private school in Jackson.  At St. Mary’s, there was such a peaceful feeling when we visited the school.  Everyone has been so friendly and genuinely helpful in every interaction, from the first phone call of inquiry to today.  Also the families that we knew who already had children at St. Mary’s are wonderful people.”

Jennifer:  “Thank you so much!  It is nice to know that we have put our daughter in an environment with such caring people.  Every day we are amazed with St. Mary’s and the staff.  God has truly sent us to the right place!”


Why Classical Education?

A Catholic classical education is the oldest and the most successful method of education ever developed. Classical teaching methods and the early integration of Latin from the first grade help students to learn faster and move ahead of their non-classical peers in most subjects. This prepares them to be advanced learners in high school and college, putting their scores in the top 10-15 percent on college entrance exams.

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