The Dominican Order was founded by St. Dominic de Guzman in the 13th century in France. As with all religious communities, many things have changed over the span of its 800 years, but its core principles and goals remain true to Dominic’s vision.  Dominicans seek to bring gospel-revealed Truth (Veritas) and their passion for God to others. They do this in a variety of ways that perhaps are best understood through the Four Pillars. The Four Pillars give us insight into Dominican spirituality and its flexibility in response to God and the challenges of the day.

dominicanpillars-e1409967037551The Four Pillars stand for Prayer, Study, Community and Preaching.


  • Fostering both communal and personal spirituality and prayer
  • Providing a strong spiritual foundation based on Catholic tradition and teachings
  • Respecting all people in a spirit of ecumenism and interfaith dialogue
  • Celebrating the joy, hope and sanctity of life


  • Motivating students to a love of learning through creative and critical thinking
  • Developing intellectual curiosity and competence in each student
  • Providing a welcome and safe learning environment of trust and fairness
  • Studying and addressing the significant social justice issues of our day


  • Providing an outreaching school community based on shared values of faith, integrity, compassion, and service
  • Promoting and embracing an awareness of and involvement in the cultural, economic, ethnic, religious and physical diversity in the school, local, national, and global communities
  • Building a strong and nurturing school community where all are valued and all live in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation
  • Promoting community involvement to support and enhance the mission of the school


  • Witnessing to Gospel values and living Veritas through word and deed
  • Answering the call to study and address issues of peace, justice, and care of the earth
  • Assuming personal leadership and acting with integrity and compassion
  • Developing a lifelong commitment of service to God and others