In partnership with parents, St. Mary’s School is committed to helping students develop their intellectual gifts to the highest standards of the classical tradition. We are committed to character and faith formation.

We are committed to helping students grow in knowledge, wisdom, and in the love of Our Lord, so that they may wisely use their gifts in the service of others and for the glory of Christ and his Church. In our classrooms we see why classical liberal arts education developed some of the greatest minds in history. This approach teaches children how to think and to express ideas in an organized and precise way; it does not simply impart fragmented information or teach to a test. Our teachers are trained in classical methods of instruction; they recognize that learning is sequential and cumulative. Students are encouraged to explore connections between all their subjects. Science classes are based on observation and experimentation. Across the curriculum, St. Mary’s emphasizes the mastery of language, so students become confident writers and public speakers.