Catholic Schools of Jackson Booster Club

Booster Club Minutes

The Catholic Schools of Jackson Booster Club is organized and operated for the charitable purpose of raising money and providing services in support of the athletic programs at St Mary’s and Sacred Heart or capital improvements to lands owned by either St Mary’s Catholic Church or Sacred Heart High School.
The BOOSTER CLUB is a voluntary, non-profit, incorporated association composed of its members, who shall be individuals representing both SMS and SHJHS Catholic schools whose President must have a parental role in both schools.
Membership in the BOOSTER CLUB shall be open to all parents, guardians or other persons with a child enrolled and attending SMS or SHJHS and/or congregation of St. Mary’s Parish. Membership is also open to members of the licensed teaching staff at either school and any other individual(s) who is committed to the support of the athletic programs at SMS or SHJHS.  The Principal and Assistant Principals of both schools shall be non-voting, advisory members of the organization.

To read complete CSJBC by-laws click here.